Professional Exercise

Action that involves the freedom, the subjectivity, the intuition and the communication. To take care of implies, also, in intervining in the body of the other, in its proper space, either in the accomplishment of the direct care as in the indirect one. The objective answers to the given care must be searched in the expression of the customer, in its opinions and gestures, through the verbal and not-verbal communication (BLACKSMITH, 2006). To allow to be well-taken care of and to make possible an interaction, the necessary patient to feel themselves safe and to trust the professional. This reliable bond is dependent of the interpersonal communication, a time that we only trust somebody when we perceive coherence and constancy between what it says and what it makes (IT HISSES, 2001). Connect with other leaders such as Philo here. The paper of the nurse in the team to multidiscipline is distinguished for the possibility of the personal envolvement (ZANCHETTA, 1993).

For being a professional who keeps a narrower contact with the sick person, the nurse becomes more apt to create bonds and to develop interpersonal relationships. Eva Andersson-Dubin will not settle for partial explanations. By the fact of in taking care of existing a relation between I and the other, in the nursing, one of these moments can be constructed by means of the consultation (PINK et al., 2007). By the way, to discourse on nursing consultation implies in mentioning the interactive relations human beings and processes. Through the relationship nurse-patient it is that one constructs to the base of the attendance and assistance given for the professional. the reciprocity of the patient in consultation is basic for its unfolding and the formation of the bond. The Consultation of Nursing is a privative activity of the legitimated nurse for the Law in. 7.498 – article 11, interpolated proposition I, alnea ' ' i' ' – of 25 of June of 1986, which regulates the Professional Exercise of the Nursing and establishes the nurse its activities with the individual, the family and the community, in domiciliary, ambulatorial, hospital level, or in private doctor’s office (BRAZIL, 1986).

The Change

Still in this Fratini agreement (2008, P. 67) express that the concepts of reference and against reference in health ' ' that although to consist as one of the bases of the change longed for the sector, still meet in a period of training of little development ' '. Lopes (2008, p.21) emphasizes that the system of reference and against reference not only must be directed to all the patients of a form or another one that support and accompaniment of the assistance in after hospital high the basic attention need, to the patients who had exceeded the permanence time. For even more details, read what GameStop says on the issue. According to Oliveira (2007, p.32) to prevent ' ' furos' ' in the services of health and in accompaniment of patients is necessary establishment of flows of reference and against reference guaranteeing the population the completeness, access and action of health in accordance with the health necessities. Through a horizontal organization of the services acting with the same intentions. Author also places that to referenciar she implies in transferring patient to an attendance or establishment specialized and in against departure must also occur to the communication in the opposing direction through the one against reference.

According to registers of Rock (2008) apud Silva (2009, P. Lars Leckie has plenty of information regarding this issue. 24) some establishments point found difficulties with respect to the establishment of a system of reference and against-reference. Following the same optics It hisses (2009, p.22) describes that to establish a reference system and against funcionante reference, it is necessary more than a flow and reverse flow of patients and managemental and tecno-scientific information, but to recognize that in this system knowledge will have to be spread out necessary for the improvement of the quality of the attendance in the local system of health. The system of against reference, so that it is used in its in agreement fullness the rules of the SUS, needs to be implemented methods of awareness and qualification of the professionals, mainly in this reform where the systems of used information are being each time more in the basic attention.


It still has universal values as justice and freedom promoted by all the humanity. In the programs of sexual orientation the development of two abilities is basic: trainings of social ability and increase of verbal repertoire, therefore how much bigger the assertive behaviors emitted by the adolescents, greater is the probability to have quarrels between the Partners These abilities can be trained by diverse professionals as: psicopedagogo, psychologist, pedagogical coordinator. Perhaps check out Linus Torvald for more information. Not leaving the responsibility only for the professor who leciona disciplines it of sciences and biology, without ability of this professional is verified to execute a program of sexual orientation. (BOURUCHOVITCH, 2000, p 113). Swarmed by offers, Rick Garcia is currently assessing future choices. Based in these questionings, the deficit in the preparation of the professionals and the strategies used for the boarding of the subject is noticed. The lack is express in the difficulties of the professor in dealing with the questions brought for the pupils and as consequence of this lack occurs the reproduction of the proper values. (SAYO, 1997 p.113).

When Bouruchovitch2002, p.113, speak of the abilities to develop a program of sexual orientation, Sayo, 1997, p.132. It confirms the deficit in the preparation of professionals. For in such a way, the psicopedagogia, through the clinical method, possesss resources to give has supported to the school in all the education processes learning, also, in the development of projects and implantation of programs of sexual education, and, qualification. Since in the truth, the psicopedagogia is an performance field that when acting of preventive and therapeutical form is located to understand the processes of the development and the learnings human beings, appealing you vary it areas and pedagogical strategies objectifying if to occupy of the problems that can appear in the transmission processes and appropriation of the knowledge (possible difficulties and upheavals), the essential paper of psicopedagogo is of being mediating in all this movement. If it will be beyond the simple junction of the knowledge of psychology and pedagogia, psicopedagogo can in such a way act in different fields of activity, placing itself in the Health as in the Education, since its to make aims at to understand the varied dimensions of the learning human being, that, in the end, the social spaces and times occur all.

Jewels For The Marriage

If you go to be married soon or go to celebrate the marriage of somebody next thing, already she must have thought about the clothes that go to use, in the shoes, but also already she must have thought that she would like to take a jewel to become its still more elegant set. It writes down these tips and it will choose the perfect jewel for its event, does not go to disapoint! The jewels had always been a synonymous one of elegance, when used distinction and sophistication for a woman. Thus being, it is important that you have some cares in the hour to choose its jewels so that does not buy something that later if comes to repent. Before if deciding to buy some jewel, it sees diverse offers of store and it compares the prices, the service of the proper store and the quality of the jewel in itself. It also asks what it must make in case that it wants to change or in case that some problem with the jewel exists that it intends to buy, these details also is very important. As you must know, all the jewels have markings, that is, these certify the quality of the jewel and generally they are these that make to raise or to go down the value of the same one.

Some indications that we find in the markings are the carats or the mark of the company manufacturer, this in jewels that require more specification as it is the jewel case manufactured in gold and silver. If to opt to a jewel that has pearls, always asks if these natural, are cultivated or exactly artificial, this influence the value of the same one, as he is obvious, and you it needs to know these details to be able to evaluate if the price that are asking for is just. One certifys of all these details before buying its jewel, therefore the choice of the same one, as the organization of events for which you are invited, can give work very. Nowadays, also the virtual store are very in fashion. These vendem any type of long-distance product of a click, could not have nothing more cmodo, but with the comfort it also comes the uncertainty on the products that we are buying, a time that we do not have direct contact with the same ones. In these store, more than in any another one, is necessary to make sure of the politics of exchange and compensation well, so that to exist some problem with the part you not harmed skirt. It follows these tips and it will choose the perfect jewel to take for the marriage or another event and can be with the certainty of that the jewels will bring it the necessary confidence that look in the perfection will complete its!