Conclusion We are endowed with pretensions and since very early we feel the necessity to learn, therefore each step that we give in them we acquire knowledge of that we are very on this side of what we intend to be to reach the coveted point. It is in the search to define what in them he is confused and in the will of cravar the desired target that we search knowing. Learn more about this with Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili. Knowing of as reaching what it can in them bring pride and satisfaction. Each one of us has an objective and each objective has its price in sacrifice, therefore, that one that it opts to the field of the paid intellect, beyond others, the price of the patience and the persistence, stops in the end concluding that it only covered a trajectory that can have to it been pleasant, but never the one that would content to it.


More it will not have a compartimentada conscience, molded to parareceber deposits as if it was a canine tooth at the mercy of of the hunter, but it will possess umpensamento critical, questionador and capable to understand that ‘ ‘ … nacomunicao has only felt the life human being … ‘ ‘ (FREIRE, 1987, P. 64), in the exchange desaberes and experience, not in the hierarquizao. ‘ ‘ … that thinking of educadorsomente it gains authenticity in the authenticity of thinking of the educandos, mediatizados both for the reality, therefore in the intercommunication …

‘ ‘. (FREIRE, 1987, P. 64) This conception called problematizadora if establishes dialgica narelao between educator educating, where both learn together, and oprocesso to know it is a shared search. In contrast of ‘ ‘ bancria’ ‘ , the problematizadora education, answering the essence of the being of the conscience, that is its communicated scienter, negaos and existence the communication. It is identified with the proper daconscincia that always to be conscience of, when if intenciona not only aobjetos, but also when if return on same itself … already cannot be atode to deposit, or to tell, or to transfer, or of ‘ ‘ transmitir’ ‘ conhecimentose values to the educandos, mere patients, to the way of the education ‘ ‘ bancria’ ‘ …. (FREIRE, 1987, p.67-8) In the problematizadora conception, the educator already is not only oque educates, but what, while educates, he is educated, in dialogue with educating, queao to be educated, also he educates.

Date Processing Center

The PRODEPA also, develops action to improve the practical ones of quality in day-by-day of the activities and the products offered to its customers. The institution also counts on a portiflio of sites and systems developed in the highest standards of accessibility. For these and other enterprises in technology, the company counts on partnerships in Par and other States Word-key: Protocol; Portiflio; PRODEPA; TIC – Technology of the Information and Communication; Telecommunications ABSTRACT: The experience factor in the context of training on the new system protocol, performed in lives than sixty bodies of the state of For, encouraged me you create this article expounding on the importance of the Documentation Sector will be Public Administration of the State of Par using focus, the industry protocol Prodepa. Initially on Prodepa shall explain, Date Processing Company of the State of Par, founded in 1953, contributes you the Government of Brazil, through technology, information and telecommunications, can serves even lives effectively the needs of citizens. The PRODEPA makes management and protection of the public information of the Government of Par, seeking business model based on integrated solutions in the computing public, focusing mainly on the client-citizen. It is therefore the company’ s Information Technology and Communication Technology (ICT) of the Government of Par State social Act with the objective of promoting inclusion through digital inclusion, directly benefiting the public. Goal Its main is you provide technology services you agencies of state government, providing technical support that enables the deployment of citizen actions, between different areas of society such education, health and public safety.


It is not uncommon to find in the companies people who if strengthen beyond the waited one. This devotion, however, has that to have a limit. the limit each one defines, considering itself, however, a basic rule: everything has its time and for everything it must have time, and this division must be respected. Employees who do not leave vacation are seen many times as victorious, and many still are bragged on this, using this argument as propeller force of its growth and demonstration of its integral devotion. Ledo deceit.

For both, company and professional, the lack of periods rest is harmful, either in the short one or the long stated period. In first place the human being must and needs to rest. Our body does not support long periods without rest without, later, to charge ' ' conta' '. the account normally is more expensive of what we are made use to pay. Also the human being, as to be gregrio, needs time to dedicate the family to it, to the friends, to have fun e, at last, to allow the leisure. While we are in the walked one for success we forget many times that we have people that they wait more than of us what the money or the sustenance: they wait attention, devotion, effort and effective personal presence.

E the relationships, without contact, if degrade. We need to measure how much it is important to give to that expensive toy our son or to be with it to play together with the toy accessible. We need to measure how much it is important to give to that jewel with gold and diamonds our wife or to be with it seeing a film in the cinema. If to ask for who in them loves what they prefer, with certainty the reply will be direct: our presence.