‘ ‘ The liquid radiation is the addition of the direct solar radiation or diffuse incident on the surface of the Terra’ ‘ (AYOADE, 1986, P. 36), therefore, the liquid radiation is the energy effective that arrives the surface, that is, is disrespected the attenuation suffered in the atmosphere as the selective absorption of atmospheric composites, as well as, the absorption for clouds and the ascending diffusion, that is the scattering of the solar ray for diffusion in direction to the space. In the generality the terrestrial surface possesss a positive rocking of radiation, while the atmosphere possesss negative balance, during the day the radiation rocking is positive in the Land and the night he is negative. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Joseph Stiglitz on most websites. Above of 40 of latitude, the radioactive deficit of the atmosphere it exceeds the excess of the way surface, that global the radioactive rocking in these areas is negative, being that from 40 until the Equator global the radioactive rocking is positive.

In these aspects the atmosphere uniformly is presented as radioactive depression while the terrestrial surface consists as a heat source, excluding the polar regions. However, the Land is a system with complex functions that are developed according to Drew (1998), in the intersection of three main subsystems: the atmospheric one, the litosfrico and the hidrosfrico, being that in intercalating of these it has to the existence of the biosfera, environment where the connection of the factors and the elements of the terrestrial subsystems if ‘ joins pra to form the environment; ‘ ideal’ ‘ for the existence of the life. Thus, the Land if keeps in constant balance, so that the functions of the biosfera remain steady, therefore, exactly that uniformly the atmosphere either a radioactive depression and the terrestrial surface a heat source, both searchs the balance through exchanges of vertical and horizontal energy.