The Fact

The questions turned the head, thousand of reply that did not fit, did not incase pra such question, why it said not? Why it said not? Very we were always opened with one another, it said always me that she was happy, loved that me, that everything was so well. More information is housed here: Linus Torvalds. It was depleted, no matter how hard I knead, did not want to be in this situation. Already it was frequent we are distant and until speaking on the subject and, another time Why it said not? Hours of colloquies and no solution pra such question, why inside of me an incognito had left. I forgot to comment that an order was not alone, had been several that until asking for the accounts. Day ray, seems that the day went to be different e, was. Days before: monotonous it arrives at night, already it made some days that I absented, after affection exchanges people finally obtains our first progress. Days following after our night of progress: I could for the first time listen to its voice per the morning, it did not wait. He was gostoso to be able sees the expression in its words, the way as it was employee, to feel what it was feeling alone for the fact of heard its voice. He was a new I recommence, did not have more frustrations was only love, love and love! The great day, some days after the progress night: day ray, to the hour you arriving, already was part of my thoughts another time created courage, will go to ask for it in namoro. Night came with my together courage, at last wants to namorar with me? YES! The days never more rejection exactly, I t