Being Happy

Formation, professional success, perfect love are objective in diverse phases of the life. However, in this constant search, adversities do not delay them to appear and the concessions that we make are minimum. Thus, the moments are multiplied where we have that to demarcate our position and to make to be valid our reason. Reason.

We have if it well-known, transfigura it comfort of that we are supplied. If we have to strengthen this reason, if we have to prove it, denotes the fragile quo it is. It is better to be happy. To be happy we have to search motivations that neutralize feelings of anguish and lack of north. At many moments the reason that could be the anchor must be left for a posterior moment. To be happy is now. It is better to be happy in detriment of the reason.

If to keep the reason, but supported for the doubt and discredit, better are to lose it and to cultivate the interior peace. To be happy is decision. When deciding to be happy, the individual must camouflage or ignore some reasons and, also, liberate pardon. Who wants to prove that it is provided with reason and it keeps rancor is losing the chance to make of serenity its fort ally. To pardon is more important of what having reason. When desiring to prove its positioning, uncovers that to be very authentic it is to expose themselves excessively and to become vulnerable? to discover that it is not important in all the places and for all the people. She is necessary to be convicto of that its reason can be reason for does not outrem, therefore, imp it can place it in an unstable land, provoking misfortune. Better not to have reason! In case that the statements of this article cause fidgets, refutations, all good. I prefer to be happy!