Biblical Stretch

The bible is a powerful instrument that must be used for the study, and not only for an untied and empty reading; to study the bible, I believe, is to all analyze it carefully, without haste, observing the historical context of each verse and binding the occurred facts to the reason of such words to have been written. It is due to this contextual analysis that many people if convince to be this stretch directed to the figure of the Satan. From now the made historical analysis in the previous chapter goes to be demanded the understanding of all. This stretch, in the truth, corresponds to one stretch of a lamentation that God raises the king of Shot; it is not difficult to evidence this, is enough to read two previous verses: ' ' The word came me Mr., saying: Son of the man, raises a lamentation against the king of Shot and says to it: Thus Mr. Deus says: You are sinete of the perfection, full of wisdom and formosura ' ' (Ez 28:11 – 12). It reflects reading now it answers and me: ' ' Who is, according to proper words of God, in this context, sinete of the perfection, full of wisdom and formosura? The Satan? ' '. One becomes difficult, and illogical, to believe that all these adjectives are destined to the king of Shot. But, for who it only left to pass, desapercebidamente, all the historical context that surrounds the reason of such words to have been pronounced, that is, all the story of this stretch is directed to the king of Shot for the reasons which we debate when we analyze history, Biblical, of the city of Shot. When God says: ' ' You were querubim' ' ' ' You were in the den garden of Deus' ' , it is evident that it has here the same resource of symbolic comparison used by It to describe Egypt.