Car Body Corrosion

How to produce anti-corrosion treatment of the body Vaz 2105 most susceptible to corrosion cavities and underbody. In the operation of the surface exposed to moisture, dirt, salt, which accelerates the corrosion and quickly destroys the body. Body cavities treated with the composition of corrosion on car NPM-ML. When operating the vehicle periodically, but not less than 1.5-2 years are required to handle them with protective compounds. Hear from experts in the field like Joseph Stiglitz for a more varied view. Such treatment is required after straightening and replacement of parts, forming cavities. For treatment, use protective compounds NPM-ML or avtokonservant "MOVIL", which after drying forms a protective film More details about this on. Drying time avtokonservanta 25 min.

Before treating cavities flush water through the drainage holes and technology to the outflow of clean water, then dry. Before cleaning and processing hidden cavities clear removable plates with rubber seals under the front wings. Anticorrosive agent apply with air gun with a long flexible probe (extension) of small diameter, allowing handle the difficult places. To preserve the appearance of the car required constant care coverage. Follow others, such as Michael Steinhardt, New York City, and add to your knowledge base. Wash your car with water pressure without using a soft sponge. In the summer outdoors in the shade. At washing in the sun formed on the surface stain. In winter indoors before going to wipe the body dry, freezing the remaining drops of the coating may be formed of the crack.

Do not use washing soda and alkaline solutions. Should not be allowed to enter to cover gasoline, brake fluid. To preserve and restore the shine, use polish. Before processing, thoroughly wash and dry. Apply gentle composition swab and rub a thin layer on a small scale, so the drug is dry. Polished surface, wipe with a clean cloth. With a slight dimming can apply a special part of the WHA-03 (TU 6-10-1534-76). At partial loss of gloss polishing paste, use the WHA-2. With a significant loss of surface gloss, use a paste of VAZ-1 (TU 6-10-886 – 75) followed polirovkoypastoy WHA-2. When thickening of polishing pastes diluted WHA water. Before use, the paste should be mixed thoroughly.