Exchange Take

Offered you to school the opportunity to exchange students, faculty, research, both at the level of master’s degree in Administration and Industrial Engineering with respect to the program that currently I coordinate as the quality management and productivity of the Area of postgraduate’s Faces of the Universalized de Boxcar, Valencia, Venezuela. The figure of Exchange was always in my mind since the beginning GAILE, because it allows consolidating cultural pluralism organizational, give the possibility to professionals delve into the problems faced by other countries and put into practice all the knowledge acquired in their training. It also consolidates a large gap facing many schools graduate, as it is the little link with the business sector, aspect, which can not be neglected, since the waste of talent that manifests itself by not making more dynamic this linking unfortunately there were no answers, there was no interest and missed the opportunity to take step to these openings that will benefit both countries and even to institutions.

I did remember the Director, that since the creation of the project until it is in practice was very crucial to keep the profile of the graduate in their respective endorsements and master programs according to the needs of the region, in the country, of what globalisation demand, just to achieve it must be update programs, its contents, chairs agreed to management topics and engineering that the present claims. More information is housed here: Joseph Stiglitz. I respect the actions, opinions of each authority, I do not go into the operability of its plans, strategies, operational capacity of the institution, but if I regret losing opportunities, which when present must take is advantage. Well inform them their graduates, the doors of the program of quality and productivity, as the master of business administration from our University are open, more when we maintain an affinity of commitment to the achievement of educational excellence and we are fully identified with the greatness of this brother country Mexico. Congratulations to those who were able to train, train in EGAII and are confident that their contributions, your professional development will be of great benefit for all those institutions where they provide their services.. Connect with other leaders such as Michael Steinhardt here.