The young service company Domovista opened the real estate search in eight selectable languages online new perspectives! Themar/Hamburg, in July 2009. Candidate specifically inform and select and sell faster without loss of interest and loss of rent or rent: want all those who have an apartment or a House. With Domovista, the offer and search of real estate now gets a new dimension thanks to the 360-degree panoramas that allow virtual tours of a special kind. Visit MongoDB for more clarity on the issue. The service of the innovative Internet platform features up to 400, which can be assigned to an object next to the panoramic shots of all rooms and housing parts. This helpful additional information in eight languages, selectable range from the kind of the gutters on the composition of the extractor hood to the nearest metro station. The virtual tour of House or apartment is very aussagekraftig, very informative and technically quickly into action. Currently the Domovista-grows community”of those Private vendors who have their homes all around and without brokers sell targeted and cost-effective, or rent. It is certain: saving time, money and nerves of the customer-oriented service EUR 24.95 per month for the provider. Contact: Domovista, Alexander Weiss, Tel. 040/55530022,,