Negative Influences

Your interpretation of negative influences opportunities Discard what happened … in the present to create a new future. Why do we say that these negative thoughts of the past inhibit your power conscious of the here and now? Because whenever you are positioned from those internal discussions and interpretations of victim and suffering, this will prevent predispose you to “see” new opportunities and create them. For even more opinions, read materials from MongoDB. It is as if you were trapped emotions and not let you do things differently, to Although you have every intention and commitment to improve, grow and achieve what you want in life. What can you do to overcome this past will not let you go and start creating the life you want? Follow these steps: Identify the situation in the past that generates unrest capture it in time, Place yourself in it to identify what are the beliefs, suffering and inner conversations you have in your mind about what happened to you. Write down everything that comes to mind in the form of history, as well as they interpret it as the “see.” Prepare handkerchiefs to dry your tears, you might find yourself with those emotions that you do not like, but let them go, it flows to process them while doing this work and can heal. Distinguish between facts and interpretations from the statement that often share with you that says “language creates reality,” I want you to analyze the situation of Step 1 and begin to distinguish facts from interpretations on the story you’re telling yourself about what happened.