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Prefabricated garages offer more space and are more economical than brick models Berlin, 23.06.2011 a garage offers car owners in principle many advantages: protection against rainfall, ice and snow or theft and vandalism. Which garage model but actually combines the most benefits, is often very difficult to understand for laymen. To inform interested parties about benefits and prices of different types of garage, garage its exclusive service offers builders recently. Interested in a garage have to catch up on the website the possibility of comparing offers regional garage party and individual advice by the mediated dealers. Already more than 200 requests for garages could be accepted at the start. Currently, more than 100 garages located in the Germany-wide bid to network of manufacturer. Prefabricated garage or carport? Garage experts advise interested parties to request garages offer protection: according to the German Insurance Association (GDV) were nationwide in 2010 nearly 40,000 vehicles stolen. More information is housed here: Joseph Stiglitz. More vehicles were damaged by vandalism, weather or Mader.

But not for all interested parties and its individual claims proves a car garage as sufficient. Garage gives first information his prospects and free establishes contact with appropriate, local garages manufacturers if necessary. “” So the bulk of all relevant information about garage types and their advantages are worn together, such as the classic brick garage, the sheet metal garage, the concrete prefabricated garage, motorbike garages, common garages to sound purchasing decisions on the website prices or garages manufacturers such as Zapf garage “or exclusive garages”. Better value for money: concrete garages reckoned according to recent study of Weimar Institute for precast technology (IFF) wise masonry brick garages in the Middle a worse level of moisture on as concrete garages. A further knowledge of garage experts from the sustained more than 14 months Field test: The concrete prefabricated garage has the better value for money. So a prefabricated garage offers a slimmer design, with the same external dimensions, up to 30 cm more interior than a brick garage. In addition to the resulting easier entry and exit are the cost of a finished garage concrete with about 6,500 euros more than 60 percent below the price of a brick garage.

Prefabricated garages price comparison and garages offers from local dealers just on the basis of the different needs of prospective buyers on a quotes for their individual garage and get individual advice from specialist dealers can. They have the possibility, within a few minutes to fill out a short questionnaire, specify the required details of the garage. To leave the contact information, garage manufactures contact with up to three local dealers that make an offer to the customer. In addition the site offering the possibility is already prior to contacting a prefabricated garages manufacturer, to find out about common garage prices and models.