TABLE 1. Caricaturas

TABLE 1. Caricaturas 2. renewables energy BOLIVIA clean electricity BIODIESEL PRODUCTION energy management CAN energy resources NOT USE nuclear energy FOOD CROPS alternative energy funds Source: renewable energy sources La Prensa 3. energy efficiency FOUR MATCHES ITS alternate energy LEGAL PROCESS Source: wind energy La Razon La Paz 4. hydro energy The american wind energy association Act alternative energy sources prohibits any presumption DEADLY ‘Source: Carlos Krings alternative energy stocks Fortun 5. renewable energy Energy renewable energies Security in the Americas Source: alternative energy source 6. Switch & Save with can make you save up to 7% on your monthly bill energy renewable wind ORA hydroelectric energy PRO electrical energy NOBIS future energy solar energy TO biomass energy THE ENERGY BOLIVIA ‘Source: alternative energy Boris Gomez uzquedag solar power energy 7. energy U.S.: BARACK energy technology OBAMA alternative energy companies requested energy conservation more time to immigration energy sources reform new energy Source: El Pais / green energy Madrid renewable energy source 8. alternative energies

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