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What it is Convenience? How Characterizes itself a Store of Convenience? That Type of Products They Commercialize? As convenience, one generally understands the merchandises acquired from daily necessities of consumers, exactly when comparisons of price and quality exist. From this concept, it can be said that this important canal of distribution appeared? in the great metropolises? with the main purpose of vender foods and articles of first necessity the consuming determined ones. Of this form, we can affirm that the Store of Convenience are small store that offer to restricted variety and depth. That is, its line of products is limited, even so its products is of high rotation. Located next to the residential areas to great circulation, this type of store possesss installations of in maximum 250 m and opens many hours to the day? to the times 24 hours, during the seven days of the week. The Store of Convenience work more with edges of profit raised to compensate its high operational costs and one lesser volume of sales. They operate under the auto-service system and satisfy important necessities of the consumers to complete purchases it are of the schedules or when they have little time. They do not concur with the monthly purchases of the families in the supermarkets and, therefore, its format is adjusted to the trends of praticidade and rapidity in the attendance demanded for the public nowadays. At Charlie Jones you will find additional information.

One of the main advantages of the Store of Convenience is the type of service offered to the consumers, therefore while the families satisfy most of its alimentary necessities in the supermarkets, it has space for purchases not planned and specialties not offered in the great nets of store. Moreover, for the convenience of the proximity with the consumers they finish absorbing good parcel of consumption that is impossible to be taken care of by the supermarkets? for example. As the Store of Convenience are small with lesser administrative cost can open day and night and, therefore, had finished if becoming an excellent option of purchases in certain periods it day. The characteristics of the urban life make with that the nocturnal purchases present greater value added for product, especially in determined categories. Nowadays already some nets of Store of Convenience exist in Brazil that they possess to be able of very bigger purchase that an individual store, such as the Select, the Stop & Shop, the BR Craze and the AM & P.m. In the Shell net, for example, the supplying of most of the item is made by the wholesale greater of the country? the Martins Group.

The sales prices are slightly above of the practised ones for the supermarkets, but inside of reasonable limits. This net offers managemental support and training to its made available e, with this, the managemental work of each store is facilitated. Mix of products offered for the Store of Convenience if it concentrates more in the leader marks of the categories of consumed products. One is about products for which many consumers would pay a little more than what they were to the supermarkets or store of specialties. The main disadvantage of the Store of Convenience is that they have to be able of lesser purchase of what other canals of distribution and, in consequence of this, its stated periods of payment more are reduced of what of the supermarkets and the wholesalers? for example. Of this form, the consumers finish more in exchange for paying a little the convenience in the hour of the purchase.

The Communication

It can until having leaders who occupy a position of command in the group. But nor all head is a truth leader. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from David Dafinone. To know if a head he is leader, is enough to evaluate the behavior of the group in its absence. If when he turns the coasts the masks fall and the behavior of the people dumb, he is because it more orders of what he leads. It is very probable that he has more controlled its team for the fear of what for the respect. But, if exactly when the head leaves, the respect environment remains for who is there yes has a truth leader. Leadership is a capacity that if conquest more for the respect and the admiration of the others, of what for nominated positions or threats.

The true leader is that one in who the group if espelha, and that she serves as reference in the hour where each one of these people she has that to take its proper decisions. AS TO BE a LEADER WITHOUT BEING a HEAD to be leader it is that not to be a hierarchic superior, is necessary that it possesss wisdom, knowledge and techniques to develop people, creating to its return an environment in which the communication, the cohesion, the creativity and the work in team are always gifts. Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL understood the implications. To lead, therefore is to persuade and to ask for the comprometimento of its followers through its proper example. It is to motivate them to play it its activities correctly, committing itself to the results. By means of it not only disciplines and responsibility as well as for the enthusiasm. A great difference between a head and a leader exists. A head executes its functions and fulfills the goals traced. A leader makes this everything and still she develops the people who are to its side in this process.


It represents the attempt to satisfy, moderate, but incompletely, the interests of both the parts. From there a partial search of an objective can result, the search of a partial agreement for a judgment/idea/opinion, or the partial acceptance of the guilt. (MORAL, Ana Maria; ‘ ‘ Management of Conflitos’ ‘ , 2002) 4 contribution? It consists of the attempt to satisfy the interests of both completely the parts. This can mean the attempt of attainment of a solution earns that it allows to both the parts the complete reach of its objectives or the search of the reach of a new conclusion/idea that incorporates the valid aspetos of the judgments of both the parts, or the attempt to arrive at a partilhado set of expectations and an interpretation of the trespass that allows to establish standards consensuals concerning what acceptable in one situation is given. (PUTNAM, 1995). 5 evitamento? The individual ignores or recklessness the interests of both the parts. Basically, it prevents to become involved itself in the subject allowing that the events follow its course of action without trying that they confluam for the satisfaction of the one interests and/or another part.

(OF DREU; WEINGART; 2002; DIMAS, LOURENZO and MIGUEZ 2005). DESCRIPTION OF COMPANY E. of the C. HISTORICAL Chagas OF the COMPANY the E.De Company. C. Chagas was established in 2009 for Mr. Evandro of the Carmol Chagas, Brazilians, married, decided to constitute a micron-company, who is in the market has 1 year in the city of Mountain range/IS.

I NEGOTIATE Constitute in the objectives of manufacture and consertos of stock markets. John Blondel Jr. may find this interesting as well. MISSION To offer to its customers product of quality, confidence and innovation in the presented material. The objective biggest of the company is the quality and the satisfaction of the customer. VISION To be reference in the performance area, searching always innovation and perfectioning I inside continue of its conditions with work in team, creating a new way to produce the negotiations in favor of the customer and of our company.