It represents the attempt to satisfy, moderate, but incompletely, the interests of both the parts. From there a partial search of an objective can result, the search of a partial agreement for a judgment/idea/opinion, or the partial acceptance of the guilt. (MORAL, Ana Maria; ‘ ‘ Management of Conflitos’ ‘ , 2002) 4 contribution? It consists of the attempt to satisfy the interests of both completely the parts. This can mean the attempt of attainment of a solution earns that it allows to both the parts the complete reach of its objectives or the search of the reach of a new conclusion/idea that incorporates the valid aspetos of the judgments of both the parts, or the attempt to arrive at a partilhado set of expectations and an interpretation of the trespass that allows to establish standards consensuals concerning what acceptable in one situation is given. (PUTNAM, 1995). 5 evitamento? The individual ignores or recklessness the interests of both the parts. Basically, it prevents to become involved itself in the subject allowing that the events follow its course of action without trying that they confluam for the satisfaction of the one interests and/or another part.

(OF DREU; WEINGART; 2002; DIMAS, LOURENZO and MIGUEZ 2005). DESCRIPTION OF COMPANY E. of the C. HISTORICAL Chagas OF the COMPANY the E.De Company. C. Chagas was established in 2009 for Mr. Evandro of the Carmol Chagas, Brazilians, married, decided to constitute a micron-company, who is in the market has 1 year in the city of Mountain range/IS.

I NEGOTIATE Constitute in the objectives of manufacture and consertos of stock markets. John Blondel Jr. may find this interesting as well. MISSION To offer to its customers product of quality, confidence and innovation in the presented material. The objective biggest of the company is the quality and the satisfaction of the customer. VISION To be reference in the performance area, searching always innovation and perfectioning I inside continue of its conditions with work in team, creating a new way to produce the negotiations in favor of the customer and of our company.