The Tree

I was erect and leafy, I was placed on a rivera; I was a tree. Near the shore were wedded the tips of my roots; high, the branches in dense Cup move leaves, tirelessly. The nests of birds hung on my sides. On the slope it rumoured the iced River in the foothills. No Walker dared until these moments pass by here, the tree was not even in any sketches. So I lay and waited; I should wait. Linux has many thoughts on the issue.

Every tree that has been planted once, may not be tree without felling it. It was a time in the morning I don’t know if the Monday or Thursday-, my thoughts were always confusing, they gave laps in my wise; towards that morning of spring; When the flow of the River was stormy, I heard the steps of a girl. To me, to my right. Quiet down tree, Ponte right, leafless branch, hold to the old swing that you have been entrusted. Rigid hanging the two ropes of your seat; If it swings, make yourself known and, like a wind of the rivera, swinging it in your firm branch. Linus Torvalds has much experience in this field.

It arrived and I ride on the swing, then be subject with their handyman of the two ropes of the old swing and started swinging on my branch. The tip of his black shoes rozo my nested trunk and kept them a long time there, while probably looked with restless eyes to her around. It was then I dreamed after her on the road and the field – which is rolling moving with both pins in the middle of my body. I trembled in the midst of a rhythmic movement, admired what was happening. who was? A girl? A bit of heaven? A dream come true? A restless angel? A lover of nature? A naturalist? I went to view it. The tree bowed! He had not finished tilt me, when you already raging wind, I inclined more and more towards the left, and already my roots were torn and my trunk floating in the waters of the river that I had always watched so peacefully from its immense wealth. Author original and source of the article

Make Money

Blogger is a concept that began at the end of years 90. A Blog used to be a way to comment a Page existing Web, an opportunity for the visitors and readers to pronounce itself on this page. What began as a commentary of few phrases has become pages personal on almost any subject, as they continue advancing the properties and the benefits of this platform the publicity in line is profiteer this immense potential so that the people make money with their Blog. Here there are 5 reasons for which the Blogs like a tool of marketing in Internet must use. to 1.Blogear is simple.

The simplest form to obtain a space in the Network is through a Blog, are not needed great abilities. an adult average can handle it. It is like having a piece of virtual paper to write your ideas, experiences, new products, and we hoped that the truth behind their articles can attract the reader to also prove your product. If your you have a PC and a connection to Internet, then your you can have a Blog and do marketing in Internet. 2.

The Blog is Authentic. At this time at which the publicity saturates our lives, we put in doubt the credibility of the affirmations of the promoters. Nevertheless in the Blogs people share her experiences of the real life, other people’s to the paid publicity. To comment on a product or service in a Blog is as to speak with people about its experience of first hand. Definitively your you want to buy a product of proven effectiveness. 3. To have a Blog is gratuitous. Because the Blogs not yet has been patentizados like main mass media of publicity in line, the majority of sees it to the people like tools of commercialization in course and thus offer it free.

Communication Needs

People feel alone because they build walls instead of bridges. Joseph Fort Lewton. Dedicated to: Claudia Becerra. History, anthropology, and other areas of knowledge related to social sciences and humanities have been discovered and expressed in a variety of ways, how and why what, mankind has had the prevailing need to communicate. The Act of communication allows human beings interact with their peers to exchange ideas, knowledge, or any information that allows you to find the enabling means to make life more acceptable. The Internet has undoubtedly impacted daily life with regard to communication.

In fact, it has had greater impact than other techniques of communication as it was at the time the phone and much earlier, the Telegraph. And the surprising thing is that we are experiencing a stage of self-knowledge of the Internet. Happens every day we learn new ways to communicate, even going by modifying our communicative behavior. Is indeed surprising to observe that There is a potential for social and economic development through the Internet. That feeling that is impossible to exhaust the possibilities of network optimization, makes us ask ourselves the challenge of acting with proactivity and creativity to achieve this mission that not exceeding us the possibilities of this medium of communication. Original author and source of the article.

Victor Fernando Banuelos

The traditional dress of muay boran consisted in an Mongolian (sinta bleeding in the head), with prapajeat (bloody sinta in arms), and a Long Sleeve Tops called searkan I had the printed legend of Buddha, thus believed is that bringing putting these vestments would fortune and protection when it comes to combat. Also was the custom vendarses the hands and forearms taped horse for hand protection skin and cause greater damage to the enemy, later it was replaced by hemp ropes, the fighters had protectors in the genital region who were primarily sea shells or shells of coconut and in the abdominal region were protected with bark from trees tied with pieces of cloth. Before each meeting performs a ceremony called Wai-Kru, in which the fighter expresses his place of birth, to the training camp which belongs and its aja or master, and it consisted of placing your hands in the ring or combat area and its aim was the following: greet the King. Respect for the teacher. Know the terrain. The ritual dance of Rammuay, is the central part of the ritual of the Wai-Kru and can become very complex in its symbolism, which can llagar to represent their ancestors, elements of nature and wildlife and more issues typical Sisters of the region.

As in the other Eastern martial styles of muay thai techniques are inspired by nature and movements of animals, for example: Jarakefad hang: crocodile tail. Wanorrn Hak dan: Monkey breaks great wall. Gnoo Lai Tukkre: cobra runs after salamander. Approximately 100 years ago there was a change in the regulations which gave life to the current thai muay, made changes to the rules are provided for the use of gloves, the mongol withdrawal at the time of fighting, use of dental dams, the fight must be timed or music with a duration of 3 minutes by one of rest. As they were able to realize the muay thai is more than just a contact sport, is a very forceful art for combat melee and has after if a philosophy and very rich history of respect to their homeland, religion and the nature of Thailand.