Victor Fernando Banuelos

The traditional dress of muay boran consisted in an Mongolian (sinta bleeding in the head), with prapajeat (bloody sinta in arms), and a Long Sleeve Tops called searkan I had the printed legend of Buddha, thus believed is that bringing putting these vestments would fortune and protection when it comes to combat. Also was the custom vendarses the hands and forearms taped horse for hand protection skin and cause greater damage to the enemy, later it was replaced by hemp ropes, the fighters had protectors in the genital region who were primarily sea shells or shells of coconut and in the abdominal region were protected with bark from trees tied with pieces of cloth. Before each meeting performs a ceremony called Wai-Kru, in which the fighter expresses his place of birth, to the training camp which belongs and its aja or master, and it consisted of placing your hands in the ring or combat area and its aim was the following: greet the King. Respect for the teacher. Know the terrain. The ritual dance of Rammuay, is the central part of the ritual of the Wai-Kru and can become very complex in its symbolism, which can llagar to represent their ancestors, elements of nature and wildlife and more issues typical Sisters of the region.

As in the other Eastern martial styles of muay thai techniques are inspired by nature and movements of animals, for example: Jarakefad hang: crocodile tail. Wanorrn Hak dan: Monkey breaks great wall. Gnoo Lai Tukkre: cobra runs after salamander. Approximately 100 years ago there was a change in the regulations which gave life to the current thai muay, made changes to the rules are provided for the use of gloves, the mongol withdrawal at the time of fighting, use of dental dams, the fight must be timed or music with a duration of 3 minutes by one of rest. As they were able to realize the muay thai is more than just a contact sport, is a very forceful art for combat melee and has after if a philosophy and very rich history of respect to their homeland, religion and the nature of Thailand.