Machine Control System

The task of accelerating socio-economic development based on scientific and technological progress leading role belongs to the engineering, production of which is to provide a manifold increase productivity in all areas of industrial activity of man at automating all its stages. The machine is called tame if the operation is carried out directly on a person the basis of initial information in the form of drawings, technical documentation and current information on the results of observations of the work machine tools, measuring and recording devices and other equipment. At manual control of the machine cycle of the worker must have knowledge, skills and experience, which allows you to perform the existence of technological operation with a given performance, while providing the required product quality. At the same time managing performance capabilities are limited human abilities, the same quality of products can be unstable, and sometimes low. The machine is called auto, if execution of operations by a complex of devices and communications equipment, providing the required coordinated interaction of the actuators of the machine, workpiece, tool, etc. Motion control of the machine, its mechanisms and means of transport, modes of machine operation, change in physical and chemical parameters of the process on a predetermined program called Software Administration (PA). Way to achieve the goal with a unique description of the operations and procedures for their implementation in a given shape is called a program. Programmable control system consists of a series of devices intended for perform certain functions: programmonositel, which recorded a program of the executive organs of the machine, input program, the reader, capable to perceive the characters of the program and convert them into electrical control signals; converting device, work out work teams to move the executive bodies of the machine, the drive of the executive bodies of the machine, the feedback system communication, monitoring of compliance of traffic running executive-programmed parameters..

Precious Metals

Background. Platinum is known to mankind since ancient times. Nuggets of this metal found with gold, and called them "white gold" (Ancient Egypt, Spain, Abyssinia), "frog with gold" (the island of Borneo) etc. Products that contain platinum, were found during excavations of ancient Egyptian tombs and settlements drevneindeyskih in Colombia. In the first half of the XVI century Spanish colonizers drew attention to the infusible hard white metal, encountered along the way with gold in placers of New Granada (present-day Bolivia). Initially, the Spaniards considered it harmful impurity, and therefore issued a government decree ordering the platinum throw into the sea. Gray sand "port" gold and undermines the credibility of the coins minted from it, so detached and thrown away as a harmful impurity.

Platinum. Valued more than gold right now, this noble metal, called by the Spaniards contempt "serebrishko (platina – a diminutive of plata – silver). Its practical applications are interested only in the XIX century. To melt it, it was necessary to raise the temperature to a very high point – 1774 C, and how to do it, then not yet known. However, the ancient inhabitants of America – the Aztecs – before Columbus were able to produce this metal products. Montezuma, the last ruler of the state, sent a gift to the Spanish king beautiful platinum mirror. How could cope with that ancient metallurgists refractory metal – and still secret 50.

The first description of platinum in Europe, made by A. de Uloloa who participated in the French expedition in 1736 to determine the length equator. In his notes mentioned noble metal platina, found in Colombian gold mines. In 1741, South American metal samples were shipped to Europe, where the first platinum regarded as "white gold". In middle of the XVIII century, was established the elementary nature of platinum. Currently, the "white gold" referred to gold and platinum alloys.

The Golden Rules

Gas open button, and after 10-15 minutes. you can begin to cooking. Online you can find also a model of a heavy cast aluminum, which is connected to the main gas. Electric barbecue grill with power 22,5 kW are very complicated in design. They are equipped with a timer, vertical nym grill, skewer a mechanical device and temperature control. On the electric barbecue can be prepared for after 10-15 min.

after inclusion. Source: Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili. Safety regulations compared to cooking dinner in the kitchen use barbecue some risk. Combustion, the drainage in the spring of coal can let the flames. Sometimes, this case is obtained and during cooking. Places for the preparation of food is usually lacking, and crowding around people, against, in excess, and they are usually eager to help. In addition, duties of the chef often does the owner of the house, even if the experience of cooking with it is minimal.

The Golden Rules of cooking barbecue following: before start the fire, prepare food, a brazier should consider poryazhatsya only one person, children and pets do not place near a burning hearth Begin preparing well before guests arrive. For even more details, read what John Blondel Jr. says on the issue. Barbecue should be installed on solid ground away from the grief sneeze materials, such as a wooden fence. For the time bandits fire, use a special lighter – NOSTA detail, see "Fuel." Do not use gasoline or a regular cigarette lighter. Learn the rules for storing gas ball lonov, if using a gas barbecue If you're going to cook on the barbecue, think about how to dress.