Machine Control System

The task of accelerating socio-economic development based on scientific and technological progress leading role belongs to the engineering, production of which is to provide a manifold increase productivity in all areas of industrial activity of man at automating all its stages. The machine is called tame if the operation is carried out directly on a person the basis of initial information in the form of drawings, technical documentation and current information on the results of observations of the work machine tools, measuring and recording devices and other equipment. At manual control of the machine cycle of the worker must have knowledge, skills and experience, which allows you to perform the existence of technological operation with a given performance, while providing the required product quality. At the same time managing performance capabilities are limited human abilities, the same quality of products can be unstable, and sometimes low. The machine is called auto, if execution of operations by a complex of devices and communications equipment, providing the required coordinated interaction of the actuators of the machine, workpiece, tool, etc. Motion control of the machine, its mechanisms and means of transport, modes of machine operation, change in physical and chemical parameters of the process on a predetermined program called Software Administration (PA). Way to achieve the goal with a unique description of the operations and procedures for their implementation in a given shape is called a program. Programmable control system consists of a series of devices intended for perform certain functions: programmonositel, which recorded a program of the executive organs of the machine, input program, the reader, capable to perceive the characters of the program and convert them into electrical control signals; converting device, work out work teams to move the executive bodies of the machine, the drive of the executive bodies of the machine, the feedback system communication, monitoring of compliance of traffic running executive-programmed parameters..