On The Mind And Your Scope

CAMOVA body is the tree of wisdom. The mind is the bright mirror holder. At all times clean it with diligence, don’t let that cover dust. MongoDB will not settle for partial explanations. Zen mind is a good servant, but a bad loves. Blavatski we journey a time limited, already defined for each one of us by this globe where we must be attentive in our actions, knowing delicacy the mind and not that she do, many times for not being awake us leads to harmful impact on our personal and spiritual growth. Spiritual teachers who have also gone through this dimension, have bequeathed us the importance of keeping us tuned in how our mind works in quieting it, optimize its raison d ‘ etre, use their full potential. The truth, that we should occasionally surprise us how it works our mind, what’s driving it act, what have been the consequences of their action in favor of our learning, growth, how to identify us with their potential and do that this will give us the thoughts, actions that we require to find the opportunity that is given to us go through this plane. In a letter of Ramiro Calle we read, that the universe of the mind is amazing.

The mind in the surface is moved, tumultuous, chaotic. Deep in the mind becomes silent, serene, revelatory. When the mind us control, she can do what pleases: can make believe a healthy person who is sick, a King is a beggar. Such is the power of the creations of the mind. In fact a dream can be more intense than a scene at the vigil. But this mind that hallucinates, confuses and disorients and lost also has a great discharge power and can provide you with discernment, multiple knowledge and wisdom. We are something that is not our mind or that she does not live or experience? She leads us to slavery and freedom; It allows us to meet and get to know us, perceive and perceive us.

El Caudillismo Reborn

THE amendment is still being IMMORAL does little more than one month said that our President is committed to forcing the Venezuelans to go to the polls to express our opinion on his re-election or not. We argued that the amendment not is illegal is IMMORAL, ANTITHETICAL and UNDEMOCRATIC. The amendment is a mechanism constitutional, substantially different from the formal point of view to reform. It is absolutely legal President or any Venezuelan request fulfilling the constitutional formalities for an amendment. Now in the world of the law the lawyers know that above the law and its lyrics, by being in a referential and circumstantial framework this justice, respect for the will of the sovereign. Law is the daughter of junior interests many times men but the justice, the latest and top end of society. The problem is not the interpretation of the 345 or 340 of the Constitution the unusual is that on 2 December 2007, the people told him not to article 230 of the constitutional reform bill which envisaged, as is It intends to do with the request for amendment, the possibility of re-election, so indefinite or continuous as says the jurist CILIA FLORES and what most characterizes a Government that will define how democratic is not respect the Division of powers or the autonomy of each of them, that it is equally important, but respect for the will of the majorities.

The amendment is not illegal, it’s IMMORAL and this if you must worry about the President. THE request for amendment is a EUPHEMISM JURIDICO which repeats tomorrow to be defeated Chavez then talk of presenting a new Constitution. Until when we are in this game? What they really want? LIFETIME DEMOCRACY? Or all will be IMMORAL La democracy imposes a free game and not as intended do CHAVEZ, virtually to the force. Popular participation is being sought through mechanisms devised in a situational room, in the best style of Nazi Germany.

Improve Personal Productivity

In this article I will tell you about certain laws and principles for the management of the time: Parkinson’s law, Murphy’s law, Pareto law, Carlson law, the principle of Hawthorne, law of Eisenhower, the principle of Laborit, Illich law and law of Fraisse. Parkinson’s law, the more time and for a task took us more to do it. Work expands to fit the time available. Murphy’s law, if something can go wrong will go wrong. Applied at the time, we must anticipate contingencies.

Pareto law, which we have already spoken: 20% of effects cause 80% of the results, for example 20% of humanity consumes 80% of the world’s resources. Carlson law, or law of homogeneous sequences: the interrupted work will be less effective and take more time that that runs continuously. Principle of Hawthorne, or Hawthorne effect says that when a person feels observed tends to give better results. We work better with external oversight and control. Eisenhower’s law, must always ask ourselves before making a task: for when? and what for? Other principles and laws useful in time management: the principle of Laborit, argues that we tend to make more spontaneously what we want rather than what we dislike, what is easy rather than what is difficult, what makes fast before it takes in doing, what is urgent rather than what is importantWhat we do before that what is new, what others put on us rather than what we chose.

Illich law, says that passed a certain threshold of efficiency, decreases may even become negative. For example, if we are long time relentlessly dedicated to something. Fraisse law, says that the relative time for each individual. We must know our rhythms and times of day more efficient. Knowing these laws and principles we can use them to our advantage.On the basis of Parkinson’s law, it is more useful to set specific times for each task and set deadlines.


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Rafael Melo Rangel

If the consciousness business is aimed not only to acquire new customers but to keep them, retain them and establish relations of long term with each of them, the Organization will be ready to undertake a project of CRM from a Contact Center System. The new tool will support the relationships with customers for the activities of acquisition, maintenance, transaction, promotion, recovery and customer loyalty. The Contact Center can be used for any activity that the company developed in its value chain, from basic information, care providers, management of orders and orders, markets and intelligence data to individual relationships with customers, capture and care of requests, help desk, marketing, sales, collections and support services, among others. When you start an internal project, it is important to define the return on the investment. For this reason my experience in more than 100 centers of contact in different countries of America, allow me to add something to the question where start?. There are four basic disciplines of CRM: a) technology-enabled sales b) service and standard c) marketing analysis and d) e-commerce customer support. We should start a CRM project with all disciplines, capturing, loyalty and profiting to customers through an individualized handling. But that is not a process that will make the evening to the morning; It requires time.

We must begin by something, which yield investment and attractive to the financial direction. Why in most contact centers that we have had the privilege of riding, we have initiated by the first discipline, making telemarketing of entry and exit to functions specific to sales. Management of relationships with new customers, especially the capture of requests for information, taking the process to closure or negotiation. Simultaneously make an out bound or output to promote and attract new customers or calls for monitoring of the best prospects generated by advertising. Good management information, the level of service and multiple negotiation and transaction management tools, makes that, results are excellent that justify the investment in the contact center.

Thus in the Pocket we will gradually implementing the other disciplines, continuing with the service and support to customers. While each contact and each applied strategy of relationship marketing, represents a cost by the value of the call, operator, soft, etc., compensation arrives immediately through the increase in sales, decreased or optimization of the advertising and the improvement of the quality of care. In short, a Contact Center is the best opportunity to create a dialogue with customers, listening to them, answer your questions, meet them, collect valuable information about them, build close long-term relationships, generate loyalty and obviously achieve a greater number of sales.

Your Steps To Not Be Repent Always Measure

PS. Fernando Alexis curious Jimenez, said smiling my neighbour, in the cafeteria, while reading the newspaper and slowly churned the sugar with the contents of a black coffee. He extended me the newspaper, four columns featuring the story of a con man who won the hearts of rich heirs, to give to escape with the money. The news came from Munich and relating the clever way as a man of exquisite manners, who called the James Bond of modern times. Helg Sgarbi, 44, unfolded across subtlety and charms of their way of being to gain the friendship and later the love of women who chose carefully at high society parties. The richest of their victims, Susanne Klaten, 46, heir to a commercial Empire and who was the only one who dared to denounce it, acknowledged that you left drag by emotions, and made a decision that you It would leave millions of dollars losses.

That had been a lovely evening and then a holiday in France, which for some time saved with emotional tenderness in his memories album, eventually became a history of sad incidents. If I faced a similar situation, I would never again fall, he concluded. A family history history which appeared in newspapers in several countries, powerfully caught my attention because it illustrates two common phenomena in people: the first, be aware that how much do have a margin of risk and in many cases, encloses danger, but still do; Secondly, the attitude of those who remain alert against the Wiles of Satan, and barely detect any shadow of deception, deviate. The Bible teaches us three principles dynamic that I share with you, which will be very useful so it does not fall in errors that can prevent and bring disastrous consequences for the present life and future. 1 Stay on the straight road all way with shortcuts not leads nowhere good, I said some time my beloved grandmother Melida to emphasize the importance of always act properly.