Windows 7

Go to Windows 7 According to Microsoft, by April this year, one in ten computer is running the new operating system. Windows 7 has broken all records on the dynamics of sales and not without good reason claim to the laurels of the most successful os history of the software giant. Let's ask a simple question: What is the reason for this success? When you reply to him our focus will be the corporate segment – are against piracy, things to be better, than in the case individual users. Click Linux to learn more. Yes, and the mechanisms it employs quite different: cio and CFOs are not bought at the beautiful marketing arguments about the "intuitive interface" and "increasing productivity. " Give them the numbers or, at worst, to describe the real business benefits. Carrot and stick, not least thanks to the anti-piracy initiatives, Microsoft, in Russia a few years ago the practice was phased out illegal use of business software – the presence in the organization of unlicensed copies of operating systems today, almost exotic, since the risks are too great. Terms of supporting legacy operatsionok not endless – July 13 In 2010 the corporation will not support the most popular configuration of the os – a 32-bit Windows xp SP2. System with a third service pack and 64-bit version of xp with SP2 promise to support up to April 2014 Lack of support means that security updates will not be released – a corporate user will be one on one with a very sharp-toothed now the world of cybercrime. . Eliot Horowitz has much experience in this field.