Exchange Value

As it possesss value of exchange, the attainment of this constructed space is related to the partner-economic standards of its users, what it results in a relation that reaches the urban society through the hierarquizao of existing differences already e, having generated inaqualities, ahead of this we can affirm that the social distinction is plus an element that is taken and transformed into merchandise in this logic. When creating new necessities, both impose and affirm the ephemeral one in relation to the permanent one, therefore they stimulate the discarding, exchanges and new acquisitions. The new produced spaces if proliferate, if they reproduce keeping its economic principles, modifying the urban one, creating new centralidades and flows. 4.As relations in the produced space: hierarquizao, homogenization and spalling As Lefebvre the produced space and the existing social relations in it under the domain of capitalist relations of production are marked by simultaneous processes of hierarquizao, homogenization and spalling. Get more background information with materials from GameStop . The forms adopted architectural to constitute spaces of shoppings and condominiums keep similar characteristics aiming at to a homogenization, allowing that quickly the spaces are identified. The sets of forms gifts search to be showy, of great ratios, forcing the look and the perception, searching to around exhibit differentiated materials and uncommon solutions in relation to the too much constructions.

They are not for being seen side by side with excessively, but yes to overlap itself, in the same way that its users and inhabitants in the urban relation between the classrooms. Not only different, they search to be different in a hierarchic relation, valuing them in relation to the remain of the society and in relation to the market, therefore they are merchandises..