The Man

He sat next to a group of young, strong and rough men. He knew that one of them was called Simon and was very friend of the master. It also heard tell that one of them was called Felipe and another more Andres. Everyone was very close to his teacher and it was who most closely followed his teachings.Throughout the day there were lessons for crowds. Those words seemed to be pronounced by a supernatural being.

The message penetrated by the ears and eyes and very soon taladraba the hearts and was installed in the mind to be not ever evicted.That man spoke, there is no doubt, as a Messenger of God. The child heard him talk about the Beatitudes for the poor and those who carry; for the meek and for which He was hungry and thirsty, for the merciful, the pure in heart of and those who suffer persecution, he told them that the believers were salt and light, he explained how the murder was born in the heart, invite you to storing up treasures in heaven, said he could not serve two Lords and recommended not judge to not run the risk of being judgedwhich showed the existence of a narrow road and a narrow door to heaven and a wide and spacious door leading to perdition.Say the man was powerful and convincing gesture. Hours went by and the time was passing quickly as turbulent a mighty river waters or the untamed wind from the storm. No one moved from his post. Nobody, not even the most desperate. And nobody, not even the most anxious felt humiliated by hunger.But when evening fell his Apostles, moved to compassion, asked the teacher that you dismiss those poor people, so they returned to their homes and on the road, they could buy something to eat. But he, without disturbing, ordered him to Felipe who got food for all of them.

San Jose

I opened the door that overlooks the courtyard of my house and looked at the sky filled with clouds and a drizzle cooled my face, so I stripped me and walked around side to soak all my flesh and fouling the soles of the feet with mud and grass. I felt relieved, almost happy, almost free. I joined back to my house and closed the door. In my room had a smell of old clothes, old sweat, suffering painted on the wall, and threw me on the bed. Television became my best friend at the same time that drank calmly and in smaller amounts than yesterday, and I slept.

But I had a dream: had a paved and very perpendicular slope which I started to climb and had around old houses of wood, it was night, not raining and arriving at the Summit, I came across many green and black garbage bags lying on my right and on my left and about them many zopilotes savouring its contents, but I felt no fear, not even looked at me, it was as if not be me they perceive or as but them interested at all, so I noticed my view forward and watched a wide and clean and asphalted street of black. I felt peace, he had returned from hell, again was at home. The next day, I woke up much better, breakfast fruits and even drank a cup of coffee. Not baby liquor. I washed me. I dressed and walked out of my house. I walked through the city without fear, although a little surprised so much trash and noise.

I talked to a friend and he asked me where I was and replied that he was walking out of the city of San Jose. He invited me to a coffee. Then I walked and walked all over the city looking for a vulture, but I only found green and black garbage bags. Hopeful to find them tomorrow, I returned to my house and I took a fourth of whisky to sleep pure life, as he had always done. In my memory always recovered to the observer I knew inside me, I always wish that another time comes equal to experience not being alive and recognise it at the moment, is really wonderful and unforgettable. Now bebo thing acostrumbrado, but the crows and the zopilotes needed me. The end.

Rousseau Dictionary

This everything we saw previously. However, such characteristics not yet touch the center of the question. In other words, it seems us that these aspects are much more serious consequences of a deeper problem. In the present chapter we will look for to investigate such problem. The first speech is initiated by Rousseau with a compliment to sciences and the arts in its progressos and light, however, shortly afterwards ' ' tom' ' dumb, a critical speech sprouts strong. Which the reason of this method? Which would be the reason of Rousseau to initiate its speech with a rhetoric unprovided of really? Leaving of the dichotomy to be? to seem, we can understand that the citizen of Geneva makes use of ' ' armas' ' of the society it stops for in evidence the wealth and malezas of the same one, that is, as well as the civilization, the society nails virtues without being virtuous; Rousseau praises to criticize. Starobinski in its Rousseau workmanship: The Transparency and the Obstacle comment: ' ' the speech on Sciences and the Arts starts pompously for a compliment of the culture. Noble phrases if unfold, describing in summary the entire history of the progress of the lights.

But a sudden overturn in them puts in presence of the discord of the being and seeming (). Beautiful effect of rhetoric: one has touched of varinha magical inverts the values, and the shining image that more than a lying scene ' ' (STAROBINSKI, 1991, P. 15). The lie and the appearance are component of the civilization, therefore it is a fertile and propitious land for the development of sciences and the arts, the refinement, of polidez or as it explains N.J.H. Dent in its Rousseau Dictionary: ' ' for civilization it understands (Rousseau), in a way not very clear-cut, the growth of the arts and the letters; the introduction in ways and forms to dress refined, social customs elaborated; the development of great cities as centers where much people enjoy of the cio and, therefore, of the personal and social diversions that this makes possible and exige' ' (DENT, 1991, P.

TABLE 1. Caricaturas

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