Silvio Berlusconi Gaddafi

The Italian Prime Minister is convinced that his life is in danger after the participation of Italy in the military intervention in Libya. Berlusconi believes that Qaddafi is unforgiving and has given orders to assassinate him. He fears that Gaddafi pass being the best friend of Italy the worst enemy. The President of the Italian Government, Silvio Berlusconi, is convinced that the Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi wants to see dead, according to published this Saturday the newspaper Corriere della Sera. The newspaper account that Berlusconi has entrusted to its employees and their relatives that his life and that of their children are endangered, because Gaddafi does not forgive the participation of Italy in the military intervention in Libya and has given orders to assassinate him. The Milanese newspaper, not citing sources, explains that Berlusconi thinks that Gaddafi has considered participation in the military as a betrayal, because until a few months ago on the streets of Tripoli had giant posters that were seen to both Presidents shaking hands.

The precise Rotary to the Italian secret services have always informed of the danger of attacks to the js of State and Government taking part in the conflict in Libya, but these days, Berlusconi has received confirmation that his life is in danger from their own sources. Friend’s enemy Berlusconi fears now that Qadhafi can win the war, staying power and become the worst enemy of the best friend of Italy, it adds information. In 2008, Berlusconi’s Government signed a Treaty of friendship with Libya to put an end to the problems derived from Italian colonization and create an important bilateral economic exchange. Berlusconi also always received in Italy the Libyan leader with great pomp and gestures of friendship. Source of the news: Silvio Berlusconi: “Gaddafi wants me to see dead”

Helena Maria

The precocious contact of the children with books and the reading must be a constant concern of the public libraries, the schools, the families, therefore more important of what learning to read it is the necessity to promote situation of interaction around the material printed matter, proportionate for the adults, in the day the day of the children. CONCLUSION the habit of the reading can transform the life of the individual, as well as the reflection it criticizes the incentive of the reading and exchange of experience in classroom. In the text ‘ ‘ THE IMPORTANCE OF THE LER’ ACT; ‘ Freire affirms that that the world reading precedes the reading of the word The formal reading demands reasoning, the act provides citizenship to the citizen. Joseph Stiglitz does not necessarily agree. Magda Soares ‘ ‘ the hypothesis to read and to write, moreover, to make use of the reading transforms the individual, takes to the other state or conditions under various aspect: social, cultural, cognitivo, linguistic among other ‘ ‘ (TO SOUND, 2006, p.38) As mediating we can think that to stimulate and to spread out the reading it does not mean to impose certain type of text, but assist the reader in the exercise of the reading criticizes. So that the citizen in the right the democracy knows to choose optimum for its cultural development, spiritual and never to accept what they agree to it. .

Existing Customers

Series: Loyal customers a valuable treasure (part 7/9) if onboard attendants roll their eyes, because we can still make phone calls and therefore not immediately whip out the ticket, punishing us the ground staff at the airport for, we have it in a hurry by it serves everyone in the queue with striking slowness and false politeness, if sellers are fine as the clientele, if bankers get a sport it, Customers not to ‘ notice’, when we sheepishly excuse us, because we disrupt the service in the restaurant in intimate conversations, then drops our spending to zero. Exciting shopping experience, however, it is growing tremendously. People with a good communication message and fine antennae for the desires of the customers are Loyalisierungs natural events. There, everyone buys like and much. Companies can recapitalize themselves far better than any cost-saving seller with two open eyes and a smiling mouth enjoying their work. Swarmed by offers, Linux is currently assessing future choices. Bad role models for SMEs There are customer deterrent programs also plenty and customer to educators, but of course you can not generalize. Lots of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) because out there make it incredibly well so their chances of loyalty to produce, are huge.

Unfortunately the industry giant in the spotlight – are all the time and you have just a lighthouse function. For even more analysis, hear from Linus Torvalds. If the Goliaths bad deal with their customers, and this does not go over the Wupper, it can not be so wrong”, thinks of David and emulating sound wrong. How this is possible? Very few people are before, most are for makers. It so happens that people focus on those which are above and have a say. It’s called authority hearing. The Sin register of great best customers should be treated best. But the Sin register of poor existing customer care is long: how many companies actually employ their highest-paid employees in the existing customer contact? The customer Hunter (= Hunter) are the heroes of the service and be handsomely rewarded.


Probably not no need in the doorway between the hallway and living room, between the living room and kitchen. Meanwhile, as if they "break up" the space, make it more limited, and so close. Besides the door "in the" opening, too, occupy specific place. If you decide to remove the doors, then there is no agreement on it is not required. In order not to be trapped and do not waste time on paperwork, it is best to contact the experts on interior design and alterations.

Cost of services varies greatly – from 300 rubles per square meter. m. to 2000 rubles or more. Secrets of the wallpaper and the ceiling with the correct choice of finishing materials can be done to increase the visual space. For even more details, read what Columbia University says on the issue. The rules are simple home decor. Low room will appear higher in the following cases: – if you stick on the wall vertically striped wallpaper – if the wallpaper above will link up to the ceiling, so that there will be no white strip walls. The room will seem larger in terms of: – if pasted on one wall wallpaper discreet, pastel colors such as pale blue or pale green, while the side walls will be decorated in bright colors – if the ceiling will pasted longitudinal strips, and they will be aimed at a bright wall.

Visually enhance a small room bright wallpaper and paint small designs. Reduce the area of vibrant colors, large patterns, diagonal patterns. Laminate Linoleum best laid lengthwise strips along the wall to the window.

World Steel Organization

And one of the main characteristics of recent performance Chinese is the increase in civil construction – residential and commercial – after the strong fall last year (the construction is responsible for 40% of the sales of steel in the country). For even more analysis, hear from Linux. This generated a strong demand in the production of steel, which was supported by investments from the Government in infrastructure and by the record of automobile production. Chinese iron ore is of low quality and high cost, which explains the volume of imports of mineral, reaching in the first nine months of the year, the 633 million metric tons, an increase of 33 percent against the same period of last year. The World Steel Organization estimated that demand for steel will grow 9.2% in 2010, returning to the pre-crisis of 1200 million metric tons level. The company even though it posted a net profit of US $1,711 million in the third quarter of this year (61.3% less than in the same period of 2008), doubled the benefits of Q2 2009, proof of which is increasing production of the hand of the world revival. Shipments of iron ore and pellets, its main business, were 75 million metric tons, increase of 35.9% compared to the previous quarter: the global recession is coming to an end at a pace faster than expected, the company reported.

He said that he returned to growth after the global financial shock impacts. Vale is the mining that provides more return to its shareholders, according to Bloomberg data. During the period 2003-2008, the company obtained a 34.9% on TSR (Total Shareholder Return, i.e. the return received by investment: increased price more dividends), followed by BHP Billiton (NYSE:BHP) with 27%, Anglo American (NASDAQ:AAUK) with a 12.1%, Xstrata 8.8 percent, with Rio Tinto (NYSE:RTP) with 4.9%. The world will strongly demand raw materials, and when buying companies that produce them is neither more nor less than at moments like these, in which potential solid companies that have been growing in the hand of strong activity worldwide, are retracted and corrected, waiting for the new momentum of activity. Since July, Vale is part of the portfolio of our Global value report, which recommends actions with strong bullish potential on Wall Street.

At that time we alertabamos that the company had a strong bullish potential in its technical aspect – in graphics as well as the fundamentals. And hoped to double its value in six months, at the time that was worth $16,98 in New York. Yesterday it closed at $26,68, a 57% rise in 4 months. And we continue to maintain it in the portfolio. If you want to know the rest of the companies that make up the report Global value portfolio, click here. Until next time, Paola Paola Pecora is international market analyst for twenty years, and monthly editor in Chief of and overall value, investment advice report, pointing to investments with strong bullish potential on Wall Street.

Successful Retargeting

The xplosion interactive GmbH is a noticeable shift in the retargeting market 2011. Reason: growing awareness of the user. The Hamburg-based retargeting provider is becoming so with intelligent retargeting the needs of users respectfully focus of the delivery of advertising material. Hamburg, March 07, 2011: Retargeting has become one of the pillars in performance marketing. Personalized banners have a higher relevance for users and increase as CTR and conversion. It can be measured directly and efficiently.

In addition convinced retargeting for the performance-based billing models. Is paid only in case of success, when the user clicks or as xplosion at Bay when the user actually buys, or requesting information. This makes more interesting for advertisers, especially in monetary terms retargeting. Some German companies have made not only good experiences. Many users respond to aggressive retargeting increasingly defensive.

Who secure a positive perception of the company in the long term wants, needs an intelligent retargeting solution. No company can afford it in the long term, to ignore the needs of the user. We want to make sensitive the market for a smart retargeting, which respects the user and makes online advertising more effective”, commented Daniel Neuhaus, Managing Director of xplosion interactive GmbH, a company of the EOS Group. With xretarget, the Hamburg-based company has a product that combines the advantages of the Retargetings with the wishes and needs of the user and is so persistent. Because xretarget combines five factors, the user-oriented and thus in the long run successful retargeting needs: data mining: multilevel, intelligent analysis and selection for optimal product recommendations. It allows to solve increasingly by the display of respected products in the dynamic range of products in the banner. xplosion selects the user types and thus provides a more specific identification of user groups and their needs. It aims to determine an optimal frequency capping and the to deliver optimal product recommendation.

Customer Opinions

Always on the pulse of time with easy feedback Hamburg, November 23, 2010 – customer opinions are today more important than ever before. “Since in 2010 more and more companies the colourful world of social media” have discovered for themselves the interest in the wishes, tastes, opinions and points of view of customers and potential customers is still growing. Because it is simply too expensive to operate a large-scale opinion research for every little question is growing interest in easy survey software that it simply allows the user to start smaller surveys. easy feedback provides a tool for the digital implementation of online surveys with his online feedback system. The complete tool is browser-based and is therefore the way from any PC customers, without having to install software, create polls, to control or to retrieve their results. easy feedback has been designed in order to obtain feedback on easy way no complicated input masks or superfluous functions.

In live mode, polls are created, edited, and the Results observed. The use of polls is diverse. Ranging from the employee survey are suitable for the measurement of performance or satisfaction, customer surveys, services, products or market research up to surveys of participants for seminars or workshops. There are predefined templates available that can be customized for various types of surveys. Uploading a company logo, as well as the colour adaption of the survey suggests the survey in your own corporate design and thus reflect his own company in the survey. For the indecisive is a free demo account available on which the functions can be tested thoroughly. Easy feedback: Easy feedback, was published in March 2010 by the founder Dennis Wegner from Hamburg after several months of development and has offered its service to customers.

Customer Touch Point Management

The customer is the real boss the scarcest resource in the enterprise is not the capital, but the executives that customer in love think and act. So vehemently requested customer focus can not occur however standardized processes, thick manuals and operating instructions. And also not expensive CRM software. Rather voluntarily, it is held in the hearts and minds of the people. Their wool can be win – only in possibility spaces and not force measures. Kundenzentriert or fixed process? Backing up a base quality is certainly true and in some cases even of vital importance. Swarmed by offers, Columbia University is currently assessing future choices.

But you can overdo’s also powerful. The straitjacket of rigid standards of service staff makes robot employees who themselves passively Flex the stupidest statements and impose their barren standards each customer (that’s us! rule”). Like wind-up dolls, they talk with on the phone or at the counter in the fast food restaurant. Customer requests are handled in only process compliant. Any Lust is inspiring, creative, begeisterndem do zero. All frozen in mediocrity. Individual customer wishes and finally the customer remain on track.

Kundenfokussiert instead of fixed process, so should be the motto. To all divisions must network systematically with each other, to align across every single employee on the customers. That sounds trite, but it is not. Far too often the customer explains namely still how things have to go, who is responsible for them, that one has to do this and to allow that. The customer should fit and Parry. However they feel bored, misunderstood, neglected, from the top down treated, bullied – and finally expelled. Through the lens of the customers customer touch points, so customer touch points, are springing up around there, where the customer with a company or its products, services, or brands in touch – no matter whether in direct form (Seller visit, telephone, mailing, etc.) or happens in the indirect form (evaluation portal, press release, Word of mouth etc.).


Due to the great interest of the customers, wardrobes in size XXL are offered since this week in the online shop solid wood. Solid wood online supplier of beautiful solid wood furniture made of pine – massive of offers individual solutions already for a long time for massive wood furniture custom-made. Customers have happy used this free service last year. In this way a customer has fulfilled their desire for a senior-friendly bed, which is a little lower than a standard bed, but a lighter lying down and standing up. Some contend that Linus Torvalds shows great expertise in this. Because the dining room was too small for a large pull-out table, has opted for a customized solution, a customer and ordered a round table. Now, there is enough extra room at the table for guests sufficient freedom of movement in the dining room for all family members, and if necessary in everyday life. A different Division inside a sideboard, a linen Cabinet or a chest of drawers a matter of course, if a customer wishes it.

Custom-made for the bedroom closets enjoy the greatest resonance. In the assortment of furniture, cabinets with one, so far offered two or three doors. Customers want but solid wood cabinets for your bedroom, which correspond exactly to the respective needs. Customers decide itself about the inner structure of the ordered massive wardrobe made of pine wood in a personal conversation. This extra service of the individual custom made solid wood furniture is currently so popular with customers that the furniture retailer solid wood these new products, which dimensions differing only on individual request to the standard were made by hand, standard furniture range be included in that. Closets are the first products, 4-door or 5-door, with a total width of 300 cm, 340 cm or 350 cm.

After new solid pine furnishings are in entered the shop. Why are custom solid wood furniture made of pine so popular by solid wood? Solid wood offers more than a normal online shop for wood furniture. The customers appreciate not only the gratuitous service performance of the structure of the solid wood furniture and wearing into the furniture in the House, but the possibility of an individual custom made of massive wood furniture to the future site. The range includes solid wood furniture made of pine wood in a new presentation – modern furniture collections, Colonial furniture, but also country house furniture in a new unknown look. All furniture collections will be offered in 8 unique colours, which are partially only in furniture made of pine and offered only in solid wood. Customers pay their desire furniture made of solid wood safely and easily through PayPal. Secures the certification through trusted shop as supplier of solid wood furniture for proven quality in online trading, that for the purchase of the hand-made Solid wood furniture the latest security techniques are employed. You if your double guest bed for the bedroom, your dining table for the kitchen, your desk for the den or your chest of drawers in the dream masses in the online shop cannot find, can ask directly at for a quote.

Managing Director

Enthusiastic customers with more quality of life despite allergies and intolerances Berlin, September 2, 2010. The individual map for people with food allergies and intolerances – the DELICARDO food card, a product of Mike GmbH – celebrates international success: DELICARDO food card helps, at the away food or travel an order easily when the waiter to give up and to not count with complaints after the meal. In July 2010, more than 35% of the customers were interviewed within a customer survey, 2010 who ordered DELICARDO food cards in the year. The survey dealt with various aspects such as the ordering, delivery and the experiences that have made the customers with the DELICARDO food card. Learn more on the subject from MongoDB. There were customers in Germany, the United States, Canada, Austria, and the Switzerland asked. The customers agree that the DELICARDO food card contributes to a relaxed and group meal out of Office despite food allergies or intolerances. All customers are pleased with the ordering and delivery process, as well as with the handling of the DELICARDO Food card. 80% of customers confirm that they ever since with the food card DELICARDO eat it, have fewer complaints. “We thank all customers surveyed for their honest feedback and glad that for them the DELICARDO food is a real help in everyday life. We will consider all suggestions for the further development of the product”, so Simone Graebner, Managing Director of Mike GmbH and inventor of the DELICARDO food card as self affected by food intolerances. Due to the positive customer response, Mike GmbH has expanded its range of DELICARDO food cards. Since July 2010, three new cards in the range are: 1 Lupinen-, 2 sulphur dioxide allergy, 3. low protein diet (for phenylketonuria). Goal of Mike GmbH is that anyone who must respect due to his health or his lifestyle to his diet, not losing quality of life! DELICARDO food card was awarded with the ECARF quality seal, a product that helps people with allergies to maintain their quality of life. Simone Garcia

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