El Caudillismo Reborn

THE amendment is still being IMMORAL does little more than one month said that our President is committed to forcing the Venezuelans to go to the polls to express our opinion on his re-election or not. We argued that the amendment not is illegal is IMMORAL, ANTITHETICAL and UNDEMOCRATIC. The amendment is a mechanism constitutional, substantially different from the formal point of view to reform. It is absolutely legal President or any Venezuelan request fulfilling the constitutional formalities for an amendment. Now in the world of the law the lawyers know that above the law and its lyrics, by being in a referential and circumstantial framework this justice, respect for the will of the sovereign. Law is the daughter of junior interests many times men but the justice, the latest and top end of society. The problem is not the interpretation of the 345 or 340 of the Constitution the unusual is that on 2 December 2007, the people told him not to article 230 of the constitutional reform bill which envisaged, as is It intends to do with the request for amendment, the possibility of re-election, so indefinite or continuous as says the jurist CILIA FLORES and what most characterizes a Government that will define how democratic is not respect the Division of powers or the autonomy of each of them, that it is equally important, but respect for the will of the majorities.

The amendment is not illegal, it’s IMMORAL and this if you must worry about the President. THE request for amendment is a EUPHEMISM JURIDICO which repeats tomorrow to be defeated Chavez then talk of presenting a new Constitution. Until when we are in this game? What they really want? LIFETIME DEMOCRACY? Or all will be IMMORAL La democracy imposes a free game and not as intended do CHAVEZ, virtually to the force. Popular participation is being sought through mechanisms devised in a situational room, in the best style of Nazi Germany.

Length Measurement Made Easy

Glass scales for the measurement of film, paper and other flat materials as alternative to extremely expensive and complicated can slide-to-use measuring machines, films or as easily and quickly used labels on rolls with glass scales of series CS and CSM in distances and lengths. The precision glass scales have hard chromed metallized tick marks and numbers. Based on a scale in Metrischer – and inches are available. To better read of the numbers, these are highlighted on one side with a white band. Side two anodized handles for safe handling of the Chromscale are located.

The precision Loupe (type) 2016 an easy, error-free reading of the scale with one magnification and a field of view of 12 millimetres in conjunction with enable the two lamps. The smallest Division of the inch scale amounts to 0.005 “. The minimal separation of the metric scale is 0.1 mm. A further increase in the accuracy is possible with the chrome Mikroscale. The measurement of the distance between the Tenth splits this via an adapted analog or digital dial indicator. So, you can exactly determine distances to hundredths of a millimetre. The valuable precision glass scale comes in a sturdy wooden case and is protected against damage. The Chromscale is 1000, 1400, 1600 and 2000 millimetres 300, 500, 800 in lengths available. The glass scale has the advantage of very low thermal expansion. Temperature fluctuations play little impact when using the Chromscale.

Measuring Microscopes

Microscopes – the mobile and handy with the photo-digital camera small, lightweight, handy and perfect finish: the PEAK microscope of series 2034 impresses with its easy handling. Simply put the microscope on the measuring field, focus – ready. The area to be examined from all sides is visible thanks to the clear acrylic base. This way, you can easily find the measuring point. The focusing is done by the co-axial rotation of the tube. Lenses from 2 x up 30-fold magnification available are for the standard microscope. This results in connection with the 10 x eyepiece magnifications of 20 x to 300-fach.

If additional lenses are used only for Visual inspection, you need no other eyepieces. The eyepieces for various magnifications contain the corresponding divisions of 0.1 mm to 0.001 mm. These are only necessary when using additional lenses should also be measured. The side lighting allows measurements on dark surfaces or in darkened rooms. For the operation are two 1.5 volt AA batteries required. The microscope in a padded carrier will be delivered.

It offers safe transport space for more four lenses, which are available as accessories. The microscopes 2034 receive higher stability through the use of MKH tripod. It is an indispensable accessory for safe controls on rollers. Also, in conjunction with a digital camera the use of MKH tripod is useful. With the help of adapter rings between microscope eyepiece and the camera, the image with a digital photo camera can be record (Sony Cybershot W300). Via adapter cable between camera and computer interface enters the picture in the laptop or the PC. So then extensive checks and detailed documentation on site can be created. Just for referees who need to create shots of damaged areas in difficult accessible areas, it is a great advantage if the recordings are recorded with a small and mobile unit and later transferred to the laptop. Other versions are the stand microscopes Series 2054 EIM with reading display and 2054 CIL with additional coaxial illumination.

The Fifth

In as the chapter it standes out that of ' ' same way that the sovereignty is inalienable it also it is indivisible, therefore the will is general or not ' ' (pg. 47) or it is of all the people or only of a part of this people. Being that when is inalienable it is a law act, to the step that only of a part is simplemente a particular will, being thus only one decree. In third I capitulate of this Rosseau book I concluded that the will of all is incapable to be wrong and that the same one will only meet in error will have been deceived for third. ' ' The people never corrupts itself, but many times it is deceived, and is only then that it seems to want what is mau' ' (pg.49). In the Chapter four Rosseau speaks on the limits of the sovereign power, that being absolute, sacred, inviolable, cannot overlap of the general conventions of the people. Standing out that a sovereignty act is not a conveo of the supeiror with the inferior, but a convention of the body with each one of its members (social contract). In the fifth chapter it is dealt with the right of life and death, where all man has the right to risk its life for the conservation of this.

No longer sixth Rosseau chapter appraises the law as conditions of civil association. According to it the people starts to be submisso of that he himself created. In the seventh Rosseuau chapter he weaves elogiosos and extraordinary commentaries to the legislator in the State. Therefore the chapters eighth, nineth and tenth, the author makes exceptions to the people, the territorial work and conquests in the constitution and the State. He finishes our author in chapter ten (pg.70), saying: They are the men who make the State, and is the land that nourishes the men; ' ' this relation is, in such way, that the land is enough to provide habitantes' ' In the tenth first chapter it demonstrates to the readers the diverse systems of legislation, standing out that the greater for all is the freedom and the equality well.


Thank you for your work! Very instructive. Tell me, you can start reading Psalms for my mother, if older than 6 years? When she died, I did not read. Invite women from the church, she read a night time, I was not wondering, not think that I need to do it. This woman, I think so, prayed for my mom. 40 , . For the deceased relatives to read the Psalter is highly desirable.

If there was such pause, the more they need a fervent prayer. Reading in the first 40 days is particularly important, but also the subsequent reading too much and very helpful, especially if you do it regularly and diligently. Thank you for such an interesting story! Reading Psalter brings great comfort to the dead. And very well when there is prayer in his family, when someone prays for rod.Byvaet, so that people do not quite understand, over what period should be read in Psalms, after the death of rights. Generally, a devout Christian tradition – to read the Psalter of the dead every day, regardless of the date of death. Earlier book Psalter was very many of the desktop. And most, when you read the Psalms, too, is great assistance.

King Pen

And the statue of King Pen … Smile … And year after year rattle farewells. Snowstorm turns on Pushkin. We all rush to escape the heat. And he zasnezhen, he is silent. And often we do not dream in stone. How hard is it to take a life, even in this world is so simple.

But still we do not understand what the sacred place was empty. *** I am sad to part with flowers, when a pitcher of them survived. Like a dead man with trembling hands, eyes closed. Blame I suffer immeasurable … They, like the sacrificial lamb, brought into the house of my false, as the mercy for her deception.

Alien life will brighten up moments, are eclipsed by an illusion, how the imprint of early passion that is destined to go to sleep. *** I find beads Dates: The first, second .., and then – Necklace – As if cursed and holy tart and sweet wine. In unison glass filaments accumulates ring dates mighty oak. We're both in the circle of vicious truths We fear amass break il framework. Contrary to the metered deadline, we would Look behind the screen of darkness and continue their journey to the Prophet the footsteps of someone else's dreams already. I want to harness in time to see the bits are not his own face … Will the thread that burden, Will grow on a tree stump ring? *** And thank God – And the snow come down gray green washed.


What is preeclampsia Pre-eclampsia, also called toxemia, is a problem that happens to women during pregnancy. It can occur during the second 1 / 2 of pregnancy. Your doctor will teach you to recognize the symptoms of preeclampsia: high blood pressure, swelling that does not leave, and large amounts of protein in their urine (found during testing of urine).


The Usual

Light source in an lcd tv is similar to sunlight, the usual eye. These televisions produce little harmful emissions as well as feed from a low voltage. There is one rather important factor responsible for the image – this is the refresh rate. You probably know, this resolution – the number of pixels which can display a screen. The higher the resolution, the a monolithic picture you get.

Another advantage of lcd is viewing angle image. In principle, it does not really matter when you watch tv alone and can always take you to any convenient position, but in the case If you have a large family or to go visit you periodically to share watching a movie, then be right to choose a great angle. It is safe to say that lcd manufacturers have made significant progress in increasing angle. So, the latest LCD-screens have a viewing angle of 170 degrees in both planes (vertical and horizontal) that allows you to enjoy superb picture from virtually anywhere in the room, not unfurling with the tv. Often, the problem of choosing a digital camcorder is to select the media type and recording format: miniDV, dvd, hard disk recording on flash-memory. Professional camcorder Sony hdr HC7E – kind of technique, which has almost half the families in Russia. The advantage of these cameras that there is no need for a computer.

dvd camcorder records video on a regular dvd drive, which you can immediately see on a dvd player. But not so easy as it seems At first glance, unnecessarily drive mini, used in the camcorders can not play in slot-loading drives. There is a variety of formats, dvd camcorders: mini DVD-RAM, mini DVD-R, mini DVD-RW. The disadvantage is that the recording quality is less than the cameras mini dv, since image recording is performed with compression, not only within a single frame, but a few. All models feature a beautiful design. The original outbreaks, mounted in a frame, is also a detail inherent many models of cameras. Silver plastic, from which filled the chamber block, a harmonious contrast with the dark gray panels: DVD-drive, a viewfinder and a decorative piece under the lens. Monitor the camera, as necessary, wide, 2.7 inches diagonal, and the screen resolution – 211,000 pixels.

Improve Personal Productivity

In this article I will tell you about certain laws and principles for the management of the time: Parkinson’s law, Murphy’s law, Pareto law, Carlson law, the principle of Hawthorne, law of Eisenhower, the principle of Laborit, Illich law and law of Fraisse. Parkinson’s law, the more time and for a task took us more to do it. Work expands to fit the time available. Murphy’s law, if something can go wrong will go wrong. Applied at the time, we must anticipate contingencies.

Pareto law, which we have already spoken: 20% of effects cause 80% of the results, for example 20% of humanity consumes 80% of the world’s resources. Carlson law, or law of homogeneous sequences: the interrupted work will be less effective and take more time that that runs continuously. Principle of Hawthorne, or Hawthorne effect says that when a person feels observed tends to give better results. We work better with external oversight and control. Eisenhower’s law, must always ask ourselves before making a task: for when? and what for? Other principles and laws useful in time management: the principle of Laborit, argues that we tend to make more spontaneously what we want rather than what we dislike, what is easy rather than what is difficult, what makes fast before it takes in doing, what is urgent rather than what is importantWhat we do before that what is new, what others put on us rather than what we chose.

Illich law, says that passed a certain threshold of efficiency, decreases may even become negative. For example, if we are long time relentlessly dedicated to something. Fraisse law, says that the relative time for each individual. We must know our rhythms and times of day more efficient. Knowing these laws and principles we can use them to our advantage.On the basis of Parkinson’s law, it is more useful to set specific times for each task and set deadlines.

Paulo Stock Exchange

On the other hand, the balance accumulated in the year until April continues the same below of the visa in period of 2008. Between January and April, the flow of investments right-handers for the productive sector was of US$ 8.751 billion, fall of 31% in relation to first the four months of 2008. The May data indicated, until yesterday, the liquid ingression of US$ 2,5 billion. Of the side of the applications in the financial market, the high one was stronger. In the passed month, the foreign investments in action in the Stock market had been of US$ 630 million, and in this month, according to closed partial data yesterday, already 2,365 billion arrived the US$. In case that it does not have a bigger exit of resources until the end of the week, the May result will be optimum already registered for the BC since April of the last year. The numbers calculated for the BC if relate the resources that had entered and effectively left the country because of operations with action, and differ from the rockings made for the So Paulo Stock Exchange because, in this in case that, the Stock market only considers operations where foreign they had bought or they venderam action, without, necessarily, entering or leaving the country. The numbers of the market of fixed income also seem to confirm the return of the foreign investors to the country.

In the segment, the applications had only added US$ 66 million in April, but 811 million in partial of this the month arrive the US$. For the WestLB, the increase in the foreign investments must be remained for the next months, thanks to a bigger confidence of the markets in Brazil. It says not to believe that the level of the tax of interests of the country is a very determinative factor in the biggest ingression of dollar.

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