Public College

The majority of the young that studies today in public college does not have a learning easiness as it has the pupils most fortunate or the ones that they study in particular college, then 90% of the times a better learning, for having a better dynamics. Computer science in these schools can even stimulate and better much more it learning for being a methodology dynamic and amused, where the pupils can interact with the others, thus facilitating to the understanding and the learning. Beyond giving lessons with and without the resources multimedia and applying tests for attainment of results the article stimulated the individual school to create project for one better teach-learning for the pupils and the professors to use more the durantes multimedia resources its lessons and in its seminaries thus increasing the level of perception of the pupils. The research was of bibliographical character where the used methodology was through comments and comparisons, involving 20 pupils of different rooms of the State School Dom Joo of Souza Rasp in 3 year of average education. A lesson for a group with the aid of resources multimedia on the subject was given Genetic, in one another group, was given to a lesson the aid of resources multimedia (as computers, it dates show, slides, etc). After the tests of the determined subjects one was made comparison of the evaluations with the purpose to observe or to notice if has some evolutions in the learning of the pupils of the different groups, to diagnosis in fact a better learning in the group who had lesson with the resources multimedia.

THEORETICAL REFERNCIAL Interaction man x machine the multimedia is today one of the most powerful and efficient resources to guarantee the perception and the learning. This because the resources multimedia stimulate sensible more than the simple medias. From the moment where the user is stimulated in more than a direction, the capacity of processing and storage of the information, that is, the learning qualification increases considerably.

Exchange Value

As it possesss value of exchange, the attainment of this constructed space is related to the partner-economic standards of its users, what it results in a relation that reaches the urban society through the hierarquizao of existing differences already e, having generated inaqualities, ahead of this we can affirm that the social distinction is plus an element that is taken and transformed into merchandise in this logic. When creating new necessities, both impose and affirm the ephemeral one in relation to the permanent one, therefore they stimulate the discarding, exchanges and new acquisitions. The new produced spaces if proliferate, if they reproduce keeping its economic principles, modifying the urban one, creating new centralidades and flows. 4.As relations in the produced space: hierarquizao, homogenization and spalling As Lefebvre the produced space and the existing social relations in it under the domain of capitalist relations of production are marked by simultaneous processes of hierarquizao, homogenization and spalling. Get more background information with materials from GameStop . The forms adopted architectural to constitute spaces of shoppings and condominiums keep similar characteristics aiming at to a homogenization, allowing that quickly the spaces are identified. The sets of forms gifts search to be showy, of great ratios, forcing the look and the perception, searching to around exhibit differentiated materials and uncommon solutions in relation to the too much constructions.

They are not for being seen side by side with excessively, but yes to overlap itself, in the same way that its users and inhabitants in the urban relation between the classrooms. Not only different, they search to be different in a hierarchic relation, valuing them in relation to the remain of the society and in relation to the market, therefore they are merchandises..

Chronological Time

The chronological time as we establish for the use in our day the day we are not considered by the nature. It has what we call? natural time? that it is well different of that we consider in our day the day. We adopt the century, the year, the month, the hour, etc., to mark our commitments, thing that the nature disdains. It uses a stage (period) of time to mark the duration of each one of the infinite events that it commands, but, without no rigorismo for its largeness, even so many times presents it perfectly synchronous with our time, as it is the case of the duraes of the periods (in the stages) of many and radioactive isotope declines other atoms. Why the nature proceeds in such a way? It considers the time with complete freedom; that is, it knows that the duration for the occurrence of a phenomenon can vary of a place for the other and of the ambient circumstances. This means that it does not fix a time for each one of the phenomena that it commands.

It, the nature, establishes a time medium (that we insolently measure) so that one definitive thing happens, but it is absolutely liberal not to demand an accurate duration for it, assuming that its? commanded? they will make the possible one for cumpriz it, but without the requirement of its chronology. We consider as wise and the holy ghost such procedure and such concept is in the mouth of the people when it says that? the haste is enemy of the perfection but, we will correct the said one, saying: When occurs something unexpected in programming of the occurrence of a phenomenon, it corrects the relative 0 variable or parameters so that unexpected does not come back to happen. Such procedure makes with that the transformations always walk for the target of the perfection, of where can take off a series enormous of conclusions: ) the nature is perfeccionista making with that the errors of now are not happened again in the future. b) Daqui we take off that our interventions in the nature lack of well-taken care of greaters, if does not stop? to tumultuate its laws, for less not to delay its development. c) The nature waits that the ideal conditions if carry through so that it makes the evolution of a system. This we see we happen frequently in many natural phenomena; the production of clorofila of a plant is overcome as example that waits for the ideal conditions that are in function of the humidity degree, of the carbon oxide text, of the temperature of the environment and other indices for the development of the phenomenon. We will be able to deduce soon what the humanity is making to speed up the degradation of our environment stops more early taking in them for the end of ours in the Land.


In this direction, when pomes the eyes in its History and it we take foot, we fascinate ourselves, our feelings as our reason is seduced same to the default, and in such a way, that what Freud said on Paris the first mind in relation to the city comes them it Greek and, only later Paris or to another city any. That is, the following phrase of Freud: ' ' Also Paris, per many years, it are object of my desires; the feeling of happiness with that I put the foot, for the first time, in the streets, seemed a guarantee of that other desires would be realizados' '. The city Greek, therefore, if presents thus, as ' ' model par excellence, origin and paradigma' ' , not as an image of the thought, but as an image of the unconscious one, the desire, with its layers superece of fishes, its tracks and ruins, its skeletons and ghosts. That is, in its material structure, the city (the Greek, but also ours) would not have to be a chaotic accumulation of houses and buildings, of streets and squares, but a set ideally commanded, whose streets would confluiriam for the main squares, where if would raise the great buildings destined to the religious cult and the exercise of the power politician. The city Greek is, therefore, ' ' model par excellence, the origin and the paradigm, of democra-cia' ' , therefore our utopias are old and routes, our hopes are vain and aborted and Greece it is the mirage and the fantasmagoria of ours modern and liquid subjective city. Exactly because, as the beautiful analysis of Walter Benjamin, if the man inhabits a real city, it he is, at the same time, inhabited for a dream city, that is, as Peter the PAL Pelbart observes, ' ' The onrica reality sends to the collective dream here, to the dream of the collective one, the desire of the collective body, its aborted utopias and hopes, the mirages and fantasmagorias assediam that it.

The Frequency

As the composed related one (TMS) it presents hydrogen atoms equivalents, it has a frequency of high absorption (provoked for the raised shield) and the composition can be had as standard, since the hydrogen atoms of other substances absorb in lesser frequencies (lesser field). Official site: John K Castle. It is said in ' ' chemical displacement (d)' ' , when the absorption frequency presents different values (' ' deslocados' '), in relation to standard TMS. Soon, the referring chemical displacement to the hidrognios of the TMS is considered 0,00 (bigger frequency and greater field). In this manner, it is concluded that how much lesser will be the value of d, greaters will be the shield of hydrogen atoms, the frequency of absorption and the magnetic field. The hydrogen atoms of a on group metila directly to a carbon sp3 absorb in d 0,90, but, if the group metila will be on to an oxygen atom, the value of chemical displacement will increase for 3,60 (the electro-attractive effect of the oxygen diminishes the electronic density on ' ' H' ' , reducing the shield of these). John Castle is open to suggestions. In the methane (CH4), the hidrognios present d 0,20. In 2,2-dimetilpropanol, it has hydrogen atoms in ' ' environments qumicos' ' different, for in such a way, with different chemical displacements. The signal of hydrogen of the group hidroxila is seen as one ' ' pequeno' ' singleto in d 4,20 (since &#039 is a hydrogen; ' trocvel' ' , in the formed hydrogen linkings).

The two hydrogen atoms of the group methylene (C1) present d 3,20 (high chemical displacement provoked by the raised eletronegatividade of the atom of oxygen of hidroxila). Finally, the nine methylic hidrognios are verified by a signal type singleto in d 0,90. Then, in relation to this last presented molecule, they are seen twelve hidrognios in the ratio 1:2: 9. Under the peak of each argued signal, they appear ' ' plats' ' , which, for the action of an integrator, shows numerical values with the presented ratio, in the form of area under each ' ' pico' '.


To the wakening the curiosity in relation to the sexuality in the adolescence, is folloied by few information. The parents, for not inquiring themselves or constaint in speaking on sex with its children, finish not fulfilling with its paper of familiar educator. Without an adequate orientation of the parents on sex, they leave the adolescent in disadvantage (Moreira, et al, 2008, p.135). The adolescents who engravidam in this period of development of the life, belong to the classroom low of the society. The lack of a good financial life leads to many mothers to work as domestic in family house, thus being leaving the adolescents its children the biggest possibility of freedom, being thus the adolescents has more freedom in this phase of curiosity that is the adolescence. Pregnancy in the adolescence as factor of high risk Of the obsttrico point of view, the pregnancy in the adolescence is considered of high-risk, which had to the raised maternal-fetal index of morbidade. It exists bigger incidence of anemia, toxemias (daily pay-eclmpsia and eclmpsia), urinria infection, low profit of maternal weight, prematurity, low weight to the rising, low index of Apgar and weans precocious, beyond low prenatal covering (Young chicken, 1995).

For the displayed one, he is clearly that the pregnant adolescents need specialized attention e, for in such a way, have been created specific programs of assistance prenatal for this group, which search, through a team to multidiscipline, to program an integral prenatal assistance and to develop auto-esteem, basic when if it intends to form a family and to offer support, with tolerance and flexibility, diminishing, thus, the anxiety of the gestante, what it favors and it consolidates its paper of mother (Viosa, 1992). However, many adolescents have not had access to these programs, still scarce in the country (Martinez et al., 1992). The conflicts in the pregnancy an pregnant adolescent is as an only individual, with different sensations and feelings.


Although all the advantages of the use of ETE silts? s in agriculture, some problems must be taken in consideration. As Nuvolari (2003) one of the problems is related to the possible presence of elements potentially toxics (EPT) in the silt. The toxicidade of the potentially polluting elements can give for the effect right-handers to the plant, causing death or the loss of productivity, or provoke indirect effect for the accumulation in the alimentary chain, causing diverse problems to the health human being. Another problem becomes related it the presence of pathogenic organisms gifts in the silt that can contaminate ingested foods raw being able to affect the health human being. A last problem becomes related with the possible nitrogen presence, in the nitrate form that, when not absorbed immediately for the plants or when in great amounts in the silt, can contaminate freticos sheets, having it the high mobility of nitrates in the water and the ground. The used silt in the agriculture, also called biosslido, is classified in two types according to norm of the CETESB, considering, according to Jordo et. al (1995): it classe: biosslidos of unrestricted use. Objective the reduction of the amount of patogncios including analysis of fecais coliformes, Salmonella sp., virus, helmintos and protozorios.

For this reduction technologies of advanced reduction of pathogenic must be used as the compostagem, thermal drying, thermal treatment, termoflica aerobic digestion, irradiation and pasteurizao; b classe: objective to only assure that the amount of pathogenic organisms will meet for levels not comprometedores of the public health and the environment reduced, becoming necessary the analysis of fecais coliformes. For attainment of this composition, the job of technologies is considered as the aerobic digestion, drying, compostagem and stabilization with whitewash.